Company profile

Euroterm Solar is a part of the Euroterm Group. The Group's core business starting from 1986, as an engineering company in the field of solar systems, central heating systems and air-conditioning.

Looking to the future, we found that such skills and experience could be put to the efficient manufacture of new products in the renewable energy market. We use our long time experience for developing our own products that best meet the needs of our customers.

With the most up to date technology, and with our power of innovation and solar expertise, we produce and sell products which are following the highest standards in industrial production of thermal solar collectors.


Why Euroterm Solar?

  • High quality products  with very acceptable value for the money
  • Best of class products with 10 years  warranties
  • Compliance with all international standards
  • Commitment to deliver environmentally friendly products
  • Specialized designed solutions for constructors, organizations and industry projects
  • Products that are manufactured on site and quality tested

Euroterm Solar offers excellent solar systems providing the best performances from many comparative tests and developments. Products have Solar Keymark certificate and tested & certified by reputable laboratories as SPF Institute and certification bodies like DIN CERTCO. Euroterm Solar is a reliable solar collector manufacturer as well for OEM companies looking for adding the best solar thermal solution to their product range with their own brand, or using only our absorbers to their collectors.


Our Mission

Our mission is simply to offer high-end thermal solar collectors of consistent quality at the best prices, reliably and punctually fulfilling all obligations towards our customers.

The fact that Euroterm Solar is the first manufacturer of solar collectors with Full Plate Ultrasonic Welding in the region, which obtain additional motive, our mission to be continuous development, with target of reaching superior products with recognized characteristics, as well with favorable price for our clients.


Our Vision

High quality solar collectors at affordable prices for everyone, helping solar energy to achieve the breakthrough in every household. Euroterm Solar as innovation and quality oriented company, continuously developing production technology.


Business philosophy

"We are making the quality"

Quality is an important module for high customer satisfaction. The quality management is incorporated in the top management and an indicator for continuous improvements. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2000.




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